Ocean Optics 2004, Darling Marine Center, Walpole, Maine

PowerPoint Presentations


My First Ocean Cruise

R/V Ira C (Notice A-frame for lowering instruments)

Out in the Gulf of Maine

Classic oceanography: Sending down a Niskin (water) bottle

Emptying Niskin bottles into sample containers
for later analysis in spectrophometer and fluorometer

Ocean Optics Instrument Package

Hyper-TSRB: Tethered Spectral Radiometer Buoy

Collin Roesler explaining instrumentation software

Our lab group (except for seasick Keleigh...)

Our captain Robbie

Eric watching Robbie on the winch while letting out instrument cable

AC9: Measuring spectral absorption and attenuaton

TSRB : Measuring what satellites see: light up/light down
Irradiance Lab

Tools for measuring light (irradiance)

Measuring irradiance vs. depth
Backscattering (b_b) Lab

EcoVSF (Volume Scattering Function) above and AC-9 below

Measuring EcoVSF dark current
Forward Scattering (b_f) Lab

LISST Laser In-Situ Scattering and Transmissometer

Measuring particle size distribution with LISST

Eric diluting a phytoplankton sample for the LISST
Fluorometry Lab

Sample Filtration

Centrifuge of chlorophyll extract

AC-9 (Multi-spectral In-Situ Attenuation and Absorption Meter

AC-9 in a frame

Close-up of AC-9 flow tubes
Particle Size Distribution Lab

Coulter Particle Counter

Cultured Phytoplankton (3 species)

Eric counting 5-8 micron phytoplankton cells
Spectrophotometer Lab

Petri dishes with filtered chlorophyll on filter pads

Filter pad on spectrophotometer aperture

10 cm Sample Cuvette with chlorophyll extract in acetone

Student Lab Presentations

Eric (U.W.) and Mike (Cal Poly) discussing
Variability of Chlorophyll Measurements

Ben (Scripps) talking about absoprtion meter calibration
Darling Marine Center

Computer and Ocean Optics Labs


R/V Ira C (Research Vessel)
Class Lobster Bake
Cooking... ...Done...
Maine Politics at July 4th Parade in nearby Round Pond, Maine
Kayaking in Maine

Curt Mobley on Damariscotta River

Fellow paddler on tour of Muscongus Bay